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Officers and Staff


Reverend Patricia A. Watkins Duncan - President, Pastor and Founder

Deacon Maurice Watkins, Jr. - Vice President, Information Technology

Reverend Mary Johnson - Assistant to the Pastor

Tracey Angela Armstead - Chief Financial Officer

Deacon Janice Spriggs - Financial Control Officer

Larry Smith - Website, Graphic Design

Special thanks to and in association with Iglesia Misionera Mas Que Vencedores, IMMV Band, Tito Productions, Victory Christian Center,  Nothing’s Impossible With God, World Missions Ministries, Eternal Kingdom Power Ministries, Inc. and to my Dad Reverend Maurice Watkins, Sr. of Tabernacle Baptist Church.   

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Foreign Ministries:
Bishop Patricio Nsingi Angola, Africa
Pastor Joseph Ssenge Uganda, Africa
Pastor George Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Pastor Herder Port Au Prince, Haiti
Pastor Paul Gideon Chennai, India
Pastor C.V Mathia Kerrella, India
Pastor Brown, Panama
Pastor Yusef, Egypt (Malta)
Pastora Claudia Bustamante, Argentina
Pastora Vanessa Lazarte, Argentina
Bishop Jean Baptiste Moulacka, Gabon, Africa
Pastor Zac John, Kerrela, India
Pastor M.C. Mathew, Rajasthan, India
Pastor Suvarna Raju Neelam, Andhra Pradesh, India

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