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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


Most of you know that we started an orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India in 2012.  We began with 30 children, we now have 40.  The orphanage is run by Pastor Neelam and his wife Sucharita.  They have two staff members.  The children were considered street children whose parents either died or abandoned them.  These children begged for food along the train stations and lived by the tracks.  The youngest was three years old.  At times, they ate mud to fill their stomachs and drank water from contaminated water sources.  Most of them were sick without any medical care.  We took them in, provided shelter, three meals a day, new clothes, gave them medical attention and enrolled them in school - some for the first time in their lives.  So, we provided tutors because they did not know how to speak their own language.  Now, praise God they speak three languages well! 

They soon became the most well behaved, rarely got sick, never missed any days from school, were the most academically strong, and won first place in competitive sports.  The head master of their school was amazed at how well our children progressed in a short span of time.  She was so impressed that she nominated us for the Excellent Service Award by the YMCA in India.  We won the award in 2013 and again in 2015.  


I just returned from India. While there, I was impressed with how well organized Sucharita is with the children.  Every space in their home is devoted to a child.  All the floor space is dedicated to a child’s sleeping quarters. They have three children of their own that help with the other children; even 5 year old Prince!

Sucharita became blind last year but we sent money for surgery and although most of her vision was restored, she still suffers from some vision loss and excruciating headaches.  But that does not stop her.  She goes to the market for fresh vegetables daily because the refrigerator is not working


Sucharita cooks three meals a day for the children and squats down to cut fresh vegetables for each meal.  The children have only two sets of clothes and because she does not have a washing machine, she has to wash clothes by hand four times a week.  Since they do not have transportation, Sucharita and Pastor Neelam walk the children to school and back home every day.  They form a line of over 30 children.  Sucharita walks in front and Pastor Neelam walks in back to make sure the children are safe.  The other nine children are older and attend different schools.  Five of them are in college and four will attend college this year.  Soon after I left India, UNESCO surprised Sucharita with a well-deserved award for her excellent service to the children

The needs are great (see below) but the children never complain.  Undoubtedly, it is difficult for Pastor Neelam and Sucharita who are making an astronomical sacrifice.  It is a labor of love. Their budget to run the orphanage is $1500 monthly.  We are only able to send $700 a month and we are the only source of income for the orphanage.  It is only by the grace of God that they are able to survive and still send 5 children to college.  It is a miracle! 

We need your help to get the much needed items below.  If you would like to help, click on Donations and follow the prompts.  All donations are tax deductible under the IRS Code 501(c)(3).  You may donate any amount but if you would like your donation to cover any one or more of the items please write it in the memo.  Together we can do more.  

Hugh pot to cook rice   $290
Burner for the pot   $153
New mats for the children    $15 x 40 = $600
New blankets    $10 x 40 = $400
Clothes for the children    $12 x2 x 40 = $960
Vehicle    $25,000
Home for the orphanage:   Land $30,000 and to build $40,000

Because of your support and wonderful kindness, the orphanage has a new washer and refrigerator . Sucharita will not have to wash clothes everyday, by hand, using a scrub board and she can safely store all the vegetables and will not have to make daily trips to the market.

The Love Never Fails ministry team will be departing for their next trip to India February 11-26, 2019.


Rev. Patricia A. Duncan

Children at the beach.

We took the children to the beach - in the Indian Ocean.  They spent 6 hours in the water and never once did anyone misbehave.  They are perfect angels!


Naveen and Chandu

In 2014, Naveen and Chandu were accepted into college. The room and board is only $20 a month per student. We thank you for your support!

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