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The Calling


How It All Began

In 2008, the Lord instructed Reverend Patricia Watkins Duncan to begin a church and to name it

Love Never Fails International Church. She was totally surprised by this new mandate. Having headed Shekanah Glory Outreach Worldwide, Inc., an international outreach ministry for 15 years, she could not imagine pastoring a church. She began to fervently pray and seek the Lord for guidance. The Lord told her that once she agreed, everything would be in place.

In 2009, on a missions trip to Bogota, Colombia, for the first time, she shared the vision with her special friend and sister in the Lord, Pastor Alvia Mckenzie, who responded with “my husband and I have always known that you were to start a church and we were just waiting for you.” Reverend Pat was shocked! Afterwards, the few people that she was led to share the vision had similar responses.

In December 2009, God hand-picked a small group that came together to pray at 5 am on Saturday mornings for God’s will for Love Never Fails International Church (this group still exists today but has multiplied). The Lord instructed Reverend Pat that after the third prayer he would instruct on the next move, and He did. The Lord said, I want you to have your first and subsequent services at your home beginning on May 30, 2010 at 4 pm and every last Sunday of each month until I advise you otherwise. The wheels started turning at record speed. Because of our faithful God and faithful people, everything was in place from various wonderful sources all of which tapped into the vision immediately.  Although Reverend Pat was reluctant to tell too many people, amazingly 64 people were in attendance at the first meeting on May 30, 2010 and God moved in a powerful way!

In January 2011, the Lord instructed us to begin morning services from 10 to 12 and as such the evening services came to an end. We moved our services to J. Frank Dent in partnership with PG County Schools and the PG County Government.  We were there for only a few months and moved back to the basement when the Learning Center evolved.  In 2011, Love Never Fails Learning Center was established and began operations in 2012. 

In February 2012, Love Never Fails Children’s Home India was established for orphaned children that were living on the streets. Some had been on the streets from the age of three years old when their parents died.  Now, 32 wonderful children no longer live on the streets and beg for food or eat mud and drink contaminated water, but have a warm and loving home.  They now attend school (some for the first time), eat three nutritious meals a day, have clothes and toiletries, bedding and clothes of their own, get health care and call Reverend Pat “Mum”.

God had a plan for Love Never Fails International Church before the foundation of the world.  He reserved it for such a time as this.  We have only scratched the surface – there is so much more to do. We are taking baby steps that will have a giant impact.

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